Laser marking

Laser Marking: versatile solutions for high-quality performance

The new Sitel MK3 laser marker systems surpass conventional DPSS technology with YAG sources, exclusively for integrating the latest generation of fibre sources: technology that defines the new benchmark in the field of laser marking.
These extremely reliable, latest-generation fibre sources ensure:

  • an estimated product life of 100,000 hours of continuous marking
  • no need for maintenance
  • maximum efficiency and reduced consumption
  • high-speed marking and deep engraving applications

Easy installation on all types of integrated systems and applications, such as stand-alone marking stations, automated work centres, production lines.


In a fibre laser, the doped fibre optic serves as a resonator. Fibre lasers are the most reliable laser technology available today for material processing applications, offering the best combination of reliability and marking quality.

The variable pulse frequency optimises the energy density delivered on the basis of the properties of the material to be marked, thereby obtaining different types of processing merely by adjusting the software parameters or loading preset configurations.

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