Data Matrix Readers

2D Data Matrix Readers

The automatic product traceability of individual spare parts and components has been demonstrated to have a significant impact in terms of results. The most direct way to ensure complete quality control of the production process is by directly marking the articles with permanent symbols for optical reading that ensure traceability during the entire life cycle.

There are various methods of directly marking the articles. The DPM (Direct Part Mark) symbols are generally in 2D and permanently marked using methods such as micro-percussion or laser engraving on materials including metal, plastic, rubber and glass. Often, such marking methods result in low-contrast visibility or an incoherent jumble of symbols that can make decoding very difficult using traditional image reading technology. Many industrial sectors abide by strict prerequisites and standards for verifying symbols that guarantee the traceability of parts and components. The verification of symbols ensures the quality of the entire procurement cycle and during the entire life cycle of the marked product.

Microscan offers a complete series of readers and verifiers with lighting systems and decoding algorithms specifically designed for any symbol.

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