Microdots applications

Microdot marking applications

The technological innovation that sets apart the bench top and portable markers designed and manufactured by Sitel MK3 ensures both high performance and simple, intuitive programming. One example of this is the new 7” touchscreen programming panel, often incorporated in the main unit thereby making them compact and lightweight and providing operators with a tool that they can quickly become accustomed to using.
The versatility of Sitel MK3 markers makes it possible to achieve differing marking effects with the same device by making some simple adjustments. Precision, deep or rapid marking can easily be achieved as required.
The quality and reliability of Sitel MK3 markers can be deployed in very different production environments in sectors such as automotive, aviation, petrochemical, aluminium pressure die-casting, structural steel, gas cylinders, machine shops and many others.

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Immagine marcatura a micropunti all’interno di seggi per valvole
Dot peen marking inside valve rings, with or without rotation

Immagine marcatura targhetta in alluminio micropunti
Dot peen marking inside valve rings, with or without rotation

marcatura a micropunti su acciaio da costruzione
Deep dot peen marking on steel for structural work

Immagine marcatura 3D marcato su superficie curva senza rotazione del pezzo
Dot peen marking of a logo on a pipe fitting