Laser Marking Applications

Laser Marking Applications

The latest generation fibre lasers are suitable for marking any metal and most plastics.
The extremely high quality of the laser beam makes it ideal for micro markings, texts, images, bar codes and extremely high-definition Data Matrix codes.
The variable pulse frequency of laser marking optimises the energy density delivered on the basis of the properties of the material to be marked, thereby obtaining different types of processing merely by adjusting the software parameters or loading preset configurations:


When heated, some metals take on a tempering colour. The colour depends very much on the temperature reached. Annealing leaves the material surface unharmed but still produces high-contrast, clearly legible markings.


Normally, the laser marker engraves the surface of the material up to a depth of around 10 µm. The markings produced are extremely durable. For this reason, the engraving laser is used for forgery-proof product marking.

Surface Removal

The selective ablation of layers of paint or anodizing coatings exposes the material beneath, of a different colour, and produces coloured markings.

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esempio marcatura componente lavastoviglie
Data matrix laser marking on a Miele dishwasher spray arm

Laser marking on a curved surface (without rotation)

marcatura laser su materiale elettrico in plastica ABS
Laser marking on electrical material in ABS plastic

High-contrast rotating laser marking on steel

applicazione-marcatura-laser-di targhetta in-alluminio
High-contrast rotating laser marking on steel

marcatura laser su policarbonato
High-contrast rotating laser marking on steel

applicazioni laser su alluminio
High contrast laser marking on aluminium

applicazione laser a frequenza variabile
Variable frequency lasers application

laser su plastica cressi
Laser marking on black plastic component of a Cressi scuba diver’s inhaler

marcatura datamatrix su componente dello sterzo di automobile Fiat
Data matrix marking on a Fiat car steering component

Marcatura laser di iniettore Audi in plastica
Laser marking on an Audi plastic injector