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More than 25 years in the business have enabled Sitel MK3 to develop technologically with a strong inclination for innovation and quality. The continuous search for solutions at the cutting edge has led Sitel MK3 to develop products for various types of application.

applicazioni datamatrix


The marking systems, like the datamatrix readers, can be fully integrated in the production lines of a range of industrial sectors. From traceability in the automotive supply chain to the aerospace industry, the solutions offered by Sitel MK3 are suitable for marking a wide range of articles and industrial products.

Laser marking

marcatore laser colori

High-resolution and high-contrast marking using a laser beam without coming into contact with the material, which consequently undergoes no deformation. Suitable for: metals (aluminium, steel, etc.), plastics (ABS, polycarbonate etc.) and many others.

Dot peen marking

marcatura micropunti di precisione

Permanent marking by deformation of all metals with hardness up to 80 HRC. Dot peen marking is fast, accurate and, where necessary, very deep to withstand surface treatments performed following the marking.
Also suitable for plastic and wood.

Automated marking

sistema di marcatura automatizzata

Dot peen marking for intensive use on high-productivity lines, by means of marking systems specifically designed to be integrated in production lines, robotized islands or automated work centres. Also available with IP-65 protection.

Data matrix applications

Sitel MK3 accompanies the Customer throughout the entire traceability process based on the use of Data Matrix codes, providing specific skills that make Sitel MK3 an ideal partner and sole reference point as a guarantee for the Customer.

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