Our range ensures complete quality control over the production process by directly marking your products with permanent alphanumeric and data matrix codes, enabling traceability throughout their entire life cycle. Entrusted to Sitel MK3 technology.


Sitel MK3 was the first company in Italy to produce dot peen marking systems and one of the first to offer laser marking systems.
Today our product range includes LASER, MICRO-PERCUSSION and SCRIBE marking technologies with a series of stand-alone or portable products and others for integration into automated lines.

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Qualified professionals, together with the international network of distributors, agents and integrators, are at the service of Customers in order to ensure direct support for the integration of Sitel MK3 products in the production process. A fully equipped laboratory is available at the Milan headquarters for accurate feasibility studies and the selection of the most effective solutions.

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The unequivocal and permanent identification of products and components is crucial for proper traceability and is therefore an integral and irreplaceable part of the quality process.
Various application sectors benefit from traceability through the use of direct product marking, including: Aeronautics, Automotive, Railways, Motorcycles, Shipbuilding, Structural Steel, Hydraulics, Oil & Gas, Electronics, Tools, Medical, Military, Household Appliances, Cylinders and Tanks etc.

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